Yet another Tv unit decoration project done by AMH designers so far. As we are becoming demanded by the market, we are glad to put our creativity and new innovations into it, also learning some new methods and techniques. Experts from AMH know how to do perfect TV lounge Moulding by changing the decorations around it. We start with wall cladding manufacturing and after that the whole set for your TV is installed which is known as TV unit decoration.
  • The following project clips you are seeing are from NAD Al Shiba 4, Dubai. Our experts were assigned to this beautiful place, and we turned their lounge area into something extraordinary and mixed it with the already existing interior.
  • Here are some steps mentioned so that it should be known clear that the whole Tv unit decoration includes our experts hard work and enthusiasm:

    Map design took place at the first as we have to take opinions from our clients. The Moulding is done according to the plans and brainstorming of clients and architect as te main priority is to assist our clients with new trends and beauty. A map is designed by our architects by taking laser measurements of the wall and then dividing it into a unit.


    3D modeling allows designers to create accurate and realistic visualizations of their designs, which helps clients to better understand and visualize the final product. Also, it facilitates collaboration between designers, clients, and other stakeholders by allowing them to view and interact with the same design model.

    • 3D modeling is an essential tool for AMH interior designers as it helps to create more accurate, realistic, and cost-effective designs.
    • 3D modeling of this house at NAD AL Shiba was not as easy as paper sketching. Our architects first took measurements and after that drawing a structure from it took many days but still our experts finished it in a fixed course of time.

  • Interior Of the Home

    Tv Unit Decoration plays a large role in any interior designing of homes. Also combining it from the existing interior is challenge for AMH experts all of them is done by mutual working and designing. If the home’s interior is not considered, then the interior is created by AMH designers. This house at NAD AL Shiba 4 was already designed beautifully and then we installed wall cladding according to it.

  • How AMH Decorates Tv Unit In Homes

    1- WPC Louvers Wall Cladding

    The first WPC louvers wall cladding was installed by AMH experts by using right and high-quality wood manufactured by joinery experts at the spot. A combination of nature and beauty presents remarkable installation of WPC louvers wall paneling into your homes. It is an art of luxuriousness and style. After designing the wood from joinery manufacturers, we installed the wood on the wall making it as a background for the TV unit decoration.

    2-MDF Laminated Cabinets

    Cabinets are essential interior designing tools to be installed in any area as everybody wants to arrange their sleeky and lengthy cables under somewhere. Also, cabinets are perfect to save extra space and to decorate different pieces. Laminated Cabinets were designed by our interior designers and then our expert joinery manufacturers made these beautiful cabinets and then these were installed as a part of tv unit decoration.

    3- Cove Light Under Cabinets

    Lightning attracts everybody and it unconsciously enhances the whole interior and decoration. These small strikes of under cabinet light are available at AMH in any design and with unique finishes. Just to add some flair to the whole tv unit decoration we added these lights by mutual consultation with our clients. AMH is known for creativity and style and decorating different houses is our passion to offer. We are glad to assist these clients at NAD AL Shadi 4, Dubai and are looking forward to some wonderful reviews.