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We install Wood floor in Dubai that adds style, warmth and character to a home. Nonetheless, relatively few individuals realize that wooden floors in Dubai can endure forever with appropriate support which is really simple.

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Likewise, when you will avail our service in Dubai than you will figure the cash spent on wood flooring is really reasonable. Moreover, we likewise build the expense of your Dubai property by our intellectual joinery services, whether private or commercial.

Customized Wood Flooring

As we have a wide range of kinds of wood flooring to suit your necessities and spending plan too. Besides, we have group of expert specialists who will direct you through related items so you can pick a reasonable material of wood flooring in order to fulfil all of your needs. Also, our team will listen your requirements, requests, assumptions, area and spending plan in view of which they can prompt you accurately. Our experts seal wood floor with hard wax oil to improve its durability and strength.



    Hardwood flooring is accessible in a wide range of designs, profile types and wraps up at AMH interior design. It means quite a bit to choose the right kind of deck, as per the necessities and prerequisites of the area being referred to.


    Our Hardwood flooring installation in Dubai is exceptionally simple to keep up with and clean. Not at all like rugs where residue and microbes stick profound inside the filaments, making it inordinately difficult to perfect as well as hardwood flooring.

    With hardwood flooring you have peace of mind, that whenever it has been floated or cleared and wiped with a microfiber mop and wood cleaner, you can be guaranteed the flooring is spotless.


    The hardwood material we use is one of the most un-poisonous and most secure choices of flooring to have introduced inside your property. Concentrates on show other flooring choices, for example, rugs, vinyl and cover have various poisonous synthetics required inside the assembling system, consequently making them more destructive to people and pets. These poisons likewise decrease the air quality inside a home, as they effectively harbor residue and microbes.


    Solid wooden floors are a kind of flooring produced using wood. They get their name since they’re basically bits of wooden boards that have been stuck together to shape a surface for strolling on or sitting at. Their trend is increasing in homes of Dubai because of uncountable advantages:


    Indeed, even the most costly and rich flooring won’t endure forever. The material we use for solid wood has a significantly longer life expectancy than other wooden floors, making it sturdier generally. This is on the grounds that it’s produced using one nonstop piece rather than layers or strips stuck together like cover.

    Solid wood might outlive your home itself on the off chance that appropriately kept up with over the long haul as this kind of hardwood opposes marks, scratches, water harm, and colors better compared to numerous others – including designed woods.


    One of the top advantages of solid wood flooring is it tends to be a more reasonable choice than other flooring types in Dubai. While many elements go into the general expense of a wood establishment, solid hardwood floors will more often than not be more affordable than designed or cover flooring choices.


    Customized wood flooring in Dubai is a type of flooring that is made to order according to the specific requirements of a customer. At AMH it can be customized in a variety of ways, including the type of wood, the color and finish, and the overall design.

    There are several benefits to choosing customized wood flooring in Dubai:

    A wide range of options: Customized wood flooring allows you to choose from a wide range of options to create a floor that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

    Better fit: Our experts can make wood flooring to fit the exact dimensions of your space, ensuring a perfect fit and minimizing the need for cutting or trimming.

    Improved durability: The material we use for customized wood flooring is made with higher-quality wood and finishes, which can improve its durability and lifespan.

    Increased value: Customized wood flooring can add value to your home, as it is a high-end and unique feature that can appeal to potential buyers.

    Unique design: Customized process at AMH would provide you to create a unique and personalized look for your home, which can set it apart from other homes in your neighborhood.

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