Project Details

The project includes the plan and installation of a custom TV unit alongside office tables and gypsum ceiling for a private property situated in Al KHAWANJEEJ, Dubai. The location of the property in Al-KHAWANJEEJ, Dubai adds one more layer of uniqueness to the project. Dubai is known for its sumptuous and present day engineering, and it's perfect to see that AMH has had the option to add to this standing by making a tailor made space that is both stylish and functional.


The installation of a redid television unit is a phenomenal addition to the property. Besides the fact that it gives a focal point to the room, however it also allows for a seamless reconciliation of innovation with the existing style. The office tables are one more crucial part of the project, as they act as the essential workspace for the inhabitants. The customization of these tables guarantees that they are both ergonomic and esthetically satisfying. Ultimately, the gypsum ceiling installation adds a hint of elegance and sophistication to the property. It's perfect to see that AMH experts has focused on everything about, the ceiling, to guarantee that the completed space is cohesive and visually stunning.
  • Consultation and Planning

    Our team will lead a consultation meeting with the client to understand their needs and inclinations. We will likewise review the site to take estimations and survey the design. In light of the data accumulated, we will make an itemized plan and 3D model of the TV unit, office tables, and gypsum ceiling.

  • Material Selection and Fabrication

    When the arrangement is endorsed by the client, we will continue to choose the fitting materials for the TV unit, office tables, and gypsum ceiling. We will utilize excellent materials that are solid and stylishly satisfying. The fabrication cycle will be finished in our studio by our talented skilled workers.

  • Installation of TV Unit

    Our team of professionals will then continue with the installation of the TV unit. The TV unit will be introduced by the endorsed plan and details. We will guarantee that the unit is appropriately gotten and that all links and wires are conveniently coordinated and stowed away from view.

  • Installation of Office Tables

    We will likewise introduce tweaked office tables that are intended to fit the accessible space and supplement the TV unit. Our team will guarantee that the tables are strong, level, and appropriately adjusted.

    Joinery was made to settle the decoration behind the table. Our experts crafted the whole interior behind the tables included customized wall cladding and other effects of cove lightning under it. This much assistance enhanced the whole look of it.

  • Gypsum Ceiling Installation

    The last move toward the project will be the installation of the gypsum ceiling. We will introduce the ceiling as per the endorsed plan and details. Our team will guarantee that the installation is done precisely and efficiently while making insignificant disturbance to the client’s everyday daily practice.

  • Joinery Services

    Notwithstanding the TV unit, office tables, and gypsum ceiling, we additionally offer joinery services for other furniture pieces like cupboards, retires, and storerooms. Our team can tweak the plan and size of the furniture as indicated by the client’s necessities.

  • WPC Louvers Wall Cladding:

    WPC louvers wall cladding will be introduced on the back wall of the TV unit to make a special surface and example. The louvers are made of polycarbonate material which is tough and durable. The installation will be finished by our master team to guarantee an exact and consistent completion.

  • Glass Doors:

    To make a cutting-edge look and feel, glass doors will be introduced on the wardrobe. The glass doors will have a glazed completion to give security while as yet permitting a brief look at the items inside. The doors will be fitted with top notch pivots and handles to guarantee smooth and simple opening and shutting.

  • Wardrobe:

    A hand crafted wardrobe has been introduced close to the TV unit to give extra room. The wardrobe will be intended to match the TV unit and will highlight racks, drawers, and balancing space for garments. The wardrobe will be produced using great materials and will be solid.

  • Cove Lights:

    To add a bit of class and feeling, cove lights have been installed under the TV unit and over the gypsum ceiling. The lights will be disguised in a recessed channel to make a soft sparkle and feature the TV unit’s plan. The lights will be constrained by a remote or a wall switch for simple activity.