As of late, AMH Designers have finished one more effective project of TV unit decoration, this time at Meadows 1, Dubai UAE. The organization invests wholeheartedly in its imagination and development, and their specialists are talented in doing consummate TV lounge Moulding by switching the decorations up it. The most important phase in this cycle is wall cladding.  

Map Designing

Toward the beginning of any TV unit decoration project, it's essential to make a guide plan that considers the client's inclinations and the designer's thoughts. The guide plan for this project included taking laser estimations of the wall and afterward partitioning it into a unit. This step guarantees that the TV unit decoration fits impeccably into the accessible space, and it assists the clients with imagining the end-product.

3D Model of the Project:

When the guide configuration is finished, the subsequent stage is to make a 3D model of the TV unit decoration. This permits the designers to make exact and reasonable perceptions of their designs, which assists clients with better services and picture the revolutionary outcome. The 3D modeling process is fundamental for AMH interior designers, as it assists with making more exact, practical, and savvy designs. In this project, the planners needed to take estimations of the house and afterward make a 3D model of the TV unit decoration that would fit flawlessly into the space.
  • Interior of the Home:

    The TV unit decoration assumes a huge part in any interior plan of homes and joining it with the current interior can be a test. For this project, the AMH specialists cooperated with the clients to guarantee that the TV unit decoration supplemented the current interior of the house. The house at Meadows 1 was at that point planned wonderfully, so the AMH group introduced wall cladding that matched the current interior.

  • WPC Louvers Wall Cladding:

    One of the vital parts of the TV unit decoration is the WPC louvers wall cladding. AMH specialists introduced the wall cladding utilizing great wood that was produced by joinery specialists on location. The blend of nature and excellence presents a surprising establishment of WPC louvers wall framing into your homes. Subsequent to planning the wood from joinery makers, the AMH group introduced the wood on the wall to make a foundation for the TV unit decoration.

  • Joinery Services

    Joinery services were added after the wall cladding services as it had to give a modern touch. So, our professionals designed the whole joinery structure behind the tv, and our joinery professionals made it happen in no time. Joinery always gives away a one move forward towards upgradation and as family at Meadows 1 Dubi believed in AMH we are hoping to assist more people too. So just consult our experts for bookings.

  • MDF laminated Cabinets:

    Cabinets are a fundamental interior planning apparatus that should be introduced in any space. Everyone needs to organize their smooth and extended links under some place, and cabinets are ideally suited for saving additional room and adorning various pieces. In this project, overlaid cabinets were planned by AMH interior designers, and master joinery producers made these lovely cabinets, which were then introduced as a component of the TV unit decoration.

  • Inlet Light Under Cabinets:

    Lighting is a significant part of any interior plan, and the AMH group added bay lights under the cabinets to upgrade the TV unit decoration. These little strikes of under-bureau light are accessible in different designs and extraordinary completions at AMH. To add a style to the entire TV unit decoration, the group added these lights in the wake of talking with the clients. AMH is known for innovativeness and style, and enhancing various houses is our obsession to offer. We are happy to help these clients at Meadows 1, Dubai, and are anticipating a few brilliant reviews.