AMH Designers have successfully completed yet another TV unit decoration project, this time in Dubai Marina, UAE. Our team of experts are highly in demand in the market, and we are proud to bring our creativity and innovation to every project we undertake. With every project, we continue to learn and develop new techniques and methods to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. At AMH, we specialize in creating the perfect TV lounge Moulding by changing the decorations around it. We begin by manufacturing wall cladding and then proceed to install the entire set for your TV, which is known as the TV unit decoration. Our team of experts were assigned to this beautiful place at Dubai Marina, and we turned their lounge area into something extraordinary while blending it with the existing interior. Here are the steps that we took to complete this project:  

Planning a Map:

Our team planned a guide for the project by taking suppositions from our clients. The trim was finished by the plans and conceptualizing of clients and engineers as the principal need was to help our clients with recent fads and magnificence. We took laser estimations of the wall and afterward partitioned it into a unit to make an exact plan.  

3D Model of the Project:

Our designers made a 3D model of the project, which considered exact and practical perceptions of the last plan. This assisted our clients with bettering comprehend and envision the end result. The 3D model likewise worked with coordinated effort between our designers, clients, and different partners by permitting them to see and associate with a similar plan model.
  • Interior of the Home:

    TV unit decoration assumes a huge part in any interior planning of homes. We painstakingly joined it with the current interior of the home to make a durable look. On the off chance that the home’s interior isn’t thought of, then the interior is made by AMH designers. On account of this project at Dubai Marina, we introduced wall cladding that supplemented the current interior of the home.

  • WPC Louvers Wall Cladding:

    WPC Louvers Wall Cladding is a sort of wood framing that is utilized for wall decoration. This sort of wall framing is produced using wood-plastic composites that are made by blending wood strands or sawdust in with plastic. At AMH, our interior designers cautiously select the wood materials and colors for the WPC Louvers Wall Cladding as indicated by the client’s inclinations and the current interior plan of the room. Our master joinery makers then, at that point, fabricate the wood boards to the specific determinations expected for the project.

  • Joinery Services:

    Our joinery specialists produced the wood utilized in the project nearby, guaranteeing top notch and exact estimations. We introduced WPC louvers wall cladding to make a lavish and up-to-date scenery for the TV unit decoration. Moreover, we planned MDF covered cabinets to help arrange and embellish the region while saving space. At last, we added inlet lights under the cabinets to improve the general tasteful of the TV unit decoration.

  • MDF Laminated Cabinets:

    MDF is a composite material that is produced using wood strands and pitch, which gives magnificent solidness and protection from distorting and breaking. Overlays, then again, are dainty sheets of plastic that are stuck to the outer layer of the MDF to give a smooth, solid, and appealing completion. At AMH, our interior designers work intimately with clients to plan MDF Covered Cabinets that fit the current interior plan of the room and meet the client’s stockpiling needs. Our master joinery makers then fabricate the cabinets to the specific determinations expected for the project.

  • Cove Light Under Cabinets:

    Inlet Light Under Cabinets are a kind of lighting installation that is introduced under cabinets to give circuitous lighting and improve the general mood of the room. Bay lights are famous in the interior planning industry since they are careful and make a warm, welcoming climate. At AMH, our interior designers work intimately with clients to choose the sort, color, and force of the bay light that best suits the current interior plan of the room and the client’s inclinations. Our master electrical technicians then introduce the bay lights in a way that supplements the general TV unit decoration plan and upgrades the feeling of the room.