Project Details

AMH has designed a new project at AL BARSHA, Dubai. We had made three different tv unit designs under one location as per customer's demand. Every major to minor detail was added by our beloved customers. Making it unique is AMH’s priority. AMH is eager to have finished another project in Al Barsha, Dubai. The project included the design and installation of three unique TV unit designs in a solitary location, according to the client's interest. We took extraordinary consideration to guarantee that each major and minor detail was modified by the client's inclinations, making the project unique and personalized.


On account of this project, we designed and installed three different TV units. Every unit was designed with a unique style and functionality to suit the client's particular requirements. Our group of gifted experts utilized unquestionably the greatest materials and utilized the furthest down the line procedures to guarantee that each unit was solid. At AMH, we value offering many services to our clients. In addition to furniture design and installation, we also offer inside design administrations. Our group of designers works intimately with clients to make spaces that are both functional and visually stunning, with an emphasis on maximizing comfort and style. Our team of experts start every step with client consultation and necessities. So, here begins our next project assisted by different steps:

    First our team started the project with complete consultation of clients that where to install and how to add design. This project has three different living areas where we have installed tv unit decoration and each and every one is different from other. Planning includes brainstorming of our experts and clients if something is not suitable for the area our experts suggest some alternative ways for it.


    3D modeling is our main factor that helps us in designing and making textures. Also, through it we can add changes according to our client. Architects design the map according to guidelines and then it is modeled by experts. Making it unique and quality worthy.


    Joinery works make a place look drastically furnished and luxurious. High quality crafted wooden materials were used during its placement and designing. Joinery always adds up a texture to the background. Joinery was made behind the tv unit so that it would increase the whole look of tv unit decoration.


    Wall cladding was made according to client’s needs and designing procedures. It gave a whole look to tv unit decoration. Wall cladding was done by high quality wood that can be assisted for long time procedures. Also, our experts had an exclusive vision towards the whole unit decoration. Lining and painting were done by our experts to give a whole texture.


    Marbles were added to add a proper touch to the tv unit decoration. And to make it more appealing towards the whole interior. AMH experts installed marbles to glorify the image and to make it clearer and brighter.


    Tv unit was designed by AMH experts to redesign the living room and other rooms were decorated on that same pattern. After adding joinery marbles were installed to add a gap for a tv unit. Which after that will be covered by cover lights around it.


    Lightning always enhances the designing and it also helps in increasing the effect of tv unit decoration. AMH experts installed it under the tables and at the surrounding of the tv unit. Extra cabinets were also added by us to make an extra room for decoration pieces.