The project involved the installation of a custom-designed TV unit at a residential property located in Jumaira Island cluster 26 in Dubai. The TV unit was made from high-quality materials, including MDF laminated cabinets, PC Louvers Wall Cladding, and Cove Light Under Cabinets. The project was completed by AMH's professional joinery services, who ensured that the installation was done with precision and attention to detail. The 3D modeling and map designing services were also utilized to provide the client with a visual representation of the finished product.
  • Planning

    Our team of inside architects visited the site location at Jumaira Island Cluster 26 and examined the project requirements with the client. The creators at AMH created a nitty gritty arrangement and plan for the TV unit decoration project, thinking about the client’s inclinations and the space accessible in the room.

  • Map Designing and 3D Modeling

    We utilized the latest innovation and programming to create nitty gritty 3D models of the TV unit and its environmental elements. This permitted us to visualize the end-product and make any vital changes prior to beginning the real development process.

  • Joinery Services:

    All joinery services were dealt with by our accomplished team of experts. They guaranteed that all pieces were accurately cut and gathered, bringing about a consistent and high-quality completion for the TV unit decoration.

  • WPC Louvers Wall Cladding:

    We involved high-quality WPC louvers for the wall cladding of the TV unit. The WPC louvers give a smooth and present day look while likewise considering ventilation and forestalling the development of heat.

  • MDF Laminated Cabinets:

    We built the TV unit cabinets utilizing MDF laminated material, which is strong and gives a smooth and exquisite completion. The cabinets were redone to fit the client’s stockpiling requirements and mix consistently with the general plan of the room.

  • Light Under Cabinets

    We introduced inlet lights under the cabinets, which give a warm and inviting atmosphere to the room. The inlet lights are energy-proficient and add an additional layer of polish to the TV unit decoration.